NEW BLOG POST: Superfood Me

I’ve been looking at nutrition this week, maintained my weight for months now even with increased exercise (especially the 100 mile challenge!) really I think that I’m taking on too much carbs.  Read an excellent article from a runner on three diets that they tried to see if they lost weight and how it affected their training – the diets were  calorie counting, Paelo and Vegan – I’ve heard so many people, runners and non runners banging on about Paelo and wondered if it was for me – so this article could not have appeared at a better time! After reading her experiences on each – they all failed to deliver long term! She did lose weight but the calorie counting method failed to deliver enough calories to support her training and the Paleo and Vegan diet restricted her to the point of boredom and also missed the food groups she had to drop during this experiment – hmm – no answers there then – I’ve been a big believer in moderation is key and not dropping anything out so for myself I’ve decided to do a life hack – or should I say ‘food hack’ – for anything ‘bad’ I want to eat then I need to eat some fruit beforehand – if i still want that bad item I can have it – but the fruit first option has definitely worked more than not. 


 Another thing I’ve been looking at is ‘superfoods’ and how I can get the benefits of these cheaper, another article jumped out at me for food swaps – blackberries for Acai berries, broccoli for barley grass, All Bran for Moringa, spinach for Goji berries and melon for Baobab.  Blowing the dust off my Nutri Bullet – I’m going to be making some very interesting concoctions and pushing in more fruit and veg into my system!

Need to get another half to full stone off for the Bath Half – giving it everything I’ve got 🙂 xx BB xx 


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