NEW BLOG POST: Cheltenham HM booked!

As a bonus for my marshaling duties at the Bristol to Bath half marathon, I received an email with a choice of events that I could run, for FREE!  I wasn’t too sure with the choice to be honest, not the locations, but just the timings around other races I had booked, probably would give me burn out if I did 2 HM’s in a short space of time! (and there’s no chance of me doing the B2B marathon after the Gloucester one!).


My feet will not be happy…..

After reviewing the list and mulling over the options, I decided to go for the Cheltenham Half Marathon, from the running event reviews on Runners World it had a high % overall rating (and much higher than the Oxford one I was pondering too), so decided to go for it!

On their website it states ….

The course will take you on broad, tree-lined avenues and features a lap of the majestic Cheltenham Racecourse. This a half marathon designed to show off Cheltenham, taking you on an intimate tour on traffic-free roads, through the heart of the stunning Regency town.

The racecourse section sounds like the ‘tough bit’, right at the end it has some challenging hills and no spectators to see you on your way.  I wonder if the event organisers have taken these reviews into consideration for next years’ race?  I hope so, as everyone who left a review seems to mention it!

I live pretty close to Cheltenham so won’t be staying at any accommodation to review, but will review here the race itself, training plans and nutrition as per normal with all my other races I have lined up.


Doing this half marathon means that I won’t be able to do the Bristol HM, event dates are very close!  Unless I am feeling super fit and feel that its achievable. However i’m planning do the Bristol 10k earlier in the year – I would miss Bristol too much!  Cheltenham is such a beautiful place, i’m very much looking forward to running it plus the racecourse will be so pleasurable!

BB x


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