NEW BLOG POST: Winter plans

I am quite excited about my winter training plans and exploring some new places and returning back to some old ones! Up tomorrow I have another run down Bristol’s Portway tomorrow with some friends, just for 5 or 6 miles, but for some reason I love running under the suspension bridge!  So really looking forward to that, just hoping the rain holds off but there’s no guarantees I guess and it really doesn’t matter, Alice Cooper is a good look!

The Thames Path routes look good too, Cotswolds end, there are two routes I am trying out in December.  If you check out the National Trails website you will see that its 184 miles in all, but you can do certain ‘chunks’ that they recommend.  So for my routes I am attempting first of all The Source to Cricklade – which works out to be 12.3 miles, and then later in December (or January) Cricklade to Lechlade (11 miles).  I want to start running these longer distances now to really push myself and hopefully get under 2.30 for Bath Half.  This is my aim.  Really looking forward to running down the Thames Path, and hoping I can get some friends to join me as I have had a warning from a friend about running canals on my own! Hmmm…. I didn’t even think of that, but may be he has a point.

Niggles in my right hip lately have meant more yoga, and I have been really enjoying it.  I’ve found an excellent ‘Yoga for Athletes’ video on , its 13 minutes only and gets all the major muscles, pigeon pose is something else!  After all the mass of stress I have had over the past few weeks – I think I may do more yoga and more quality runs to balance myself out.  This may mean I drop my miles on the 1000 mile a year challenge.  I don’t know… we will see, I hate not completing a challenge but if I am more balanced and happy with 1 x strength, 2 x yoga and 2 x good quality runs, then surely this is better than 4 crappy runs… its a test – but I still have plenty of time to train for Bath, and no doubts will be doing more on the treadmill over the winter.

Hope all your plans are going well, and don’t forget if you fail to plan then you plan to fail, so thats why next I will be sharing my actual training plan for the Bath Half on here…!

Happy trails, BBxx


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