NEW BLOG POST: Sniffles and strides…..

I started the 12 10k’s of Christmas campaign to incentivise myself to start running longer distances so that by January I should be comfortable going out for 10 mile runs with no problems… thats the plan anyway!  The challenge is to complete 12 10k’s during the whole of December, and get ‘time on feet – quality runs’ rather than ‘time on the clock’ as a priority for me.  Also a friend advised that I should use Mindfulness while running, enjoy the surroundings and how I feel, rather than clock watching and getting stressed about waiting for the traffic lights.  I like the sound of that!  How many runners out there are getting stressed at the smaller details and forgetting the bigger picture.. too many of us I feel.


Recent pic of progress…. 3 stone + down….

Went out yesterday, while feeling a little ropey, and by the time I got back, was feeling rather flu like – after nights on end with no sleep apart from one, my immune system is down in the gutters.   However on this run I managed to use Mindfulness to ensure that my shoulders were relaxed, I seem to naturally tense my upper body which I put down to years of Thai boxing…. plus I wanted to concentrate on my breathing and time it to footfalls.

My first 10k I did in 1 hour 8, no means my fastest but I was pleased with the effort seeing how I felt.  Prior to this run I had listened to my Headspace app – On the Go section which has a specific Running audio you can listen to while out on the run, it guides you through the Mindfulness steps of how the body feels, what the sounds are around you etc, perfect for my needs.  I used it prior to the run in a hypnotic style to raise my awareness pre-run.  Would highly recommend it (and any of their audio!).

So today I have been holed up indoors with lemsips and tissues feeling rather sorry for myself.  Until I saw a tweet that put me to shame, a friend’s friend has been given single digits in years to live and she is out every day enjoying the time that she has with her family and maintains a very strong mental attitude. I’ve so much to learn from people like this, they’re inspirations and I truly aspire to be in that mindset.  It brings it to home, that my every day struggles would be someone else’s dream, how selfish we can all be at times and not know it for the bubble we live in.  For this reason I will donate to Cancer Research UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital on December pay day to dedicate to these amazing people, as a small way to acknowledge their bravery.

On a much lighter note I have been getting interested in natural sports drinks, and made my own concoction which I love – half a lemon and tablespoon of maple syrup, this is what I drink when I am out running and works a treat, looks like urine but tastes good!  But gives me the giggles?! something in the lemon, or something in the syrup? who knows…  At least it ensures that people keep out of the way of the crazy lady on the street running at them laughing…

water bottle

Its not urine I promise!

I am back on the challenge this weekend if I am feeling better, if you want to join in the 12 10k’s of Christmas you can at anytime! Copy me into your posts on FB, Twitter or Instagram, so I can congratulate you.

Happy running, BBx


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