NEW BLOG POST: Speccing out the G

As I’ve banged on about it enough, I am running my first marathon in Gloucester in August of this year.  Plus, I have also downloaded a good training plan for Bath Half which takes me up to March 13.  The LSR’s within this plan are perfect for me to start practicing the route and so it doesn’t all become so overwhelming/new on the day.

This weekend, I am tentatively looking at a 6 miler, so will run 3 miles from Gloucester park up to the cathedral, past Kingsholm stadium and back again, hoping that I can retrace the marathon route exactly – at the moment I do not think any of the running apps can tell you where to go… other than google maps?  Will tweet my query to the running community and see what comes back!


Training plan to Bath…

So if this is a success, then I will continue on throughout the year, making frequent trips to Gloucester to ran more parts of the route, now I have a car and mobile *i.e. not relying on one freaking bus in the morning, then I can get to these parts of the routes and practice.  By August I should know it well, and know what to expect! gulp…. the thought of the marathon at this moment doesn’t fill me with dread, however what I will be thinking a few more months down the line is another thing!


Beautiful Gloucester cathedral

Yesterday, I had a blast on the treadmill – decided that my interval runs are much easier on this in terms of managing the sprints and everything else, although its so BORING, even with a cut off of Norman Reedus in front of me it still doesn’t cut the mustard.  So, just half hour and no more, I can get some decent sprints and training in that time.


What every woman is chasing….

My head cold and ear aches are finally shifting so I am going to take a run out today- looking at 4 miles, so lets see!

Hope you are all staying warm on your runs and doing well. BBxx





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