NEW BLOG POST: Bucket List… oh boy

I’ve seen such amazing races on my Facebook feed lately that it just feels me with massive excitement, I WILL BE DOING ONE NEXT YEAR … this one especially excites me, I only thought the other day how running around temples would just be awesome, a little Lara Croft may be? Hell yeah!… the marathon I REALLY wanna do! Bagan Temple Marathon!

This looks incredible!

Check out the awesome video on their website… its description is pretty intoxicating too.

A relatively flat course, the route takes runners through a temple wonderland and small villages where it feels like time has stood still. The heat and dusty course is a challenge for most runners participating in the Bagan Temple Marathon. However, the beautiful temples, the friendly villagers, the other-worldly atmosphere make this marathon one of a kind.


That’s on the list plus … Marathon du Mont St Michel – I have been to Mont St Michel while on holiday in France and its just breath-taking (also to St Michaels Mount in the UK)… could you imagine returning to run a marathon? Well yes… on the list.

The Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel is above all a sportive, festive gathering in the heart of an emblematic location in France and overseas, full of history and culture. The Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel hosts 5000 runners each year who come from all over France and from every corner of the world. That makes more than 30 nations who come together to experience a magical sporting event in an exceptional environment – the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel between Cancale and Mont Saint-Michel – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the majestic Mont Saint-Michel as a backdrop, the Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel is one of the only marathons is the world where you can see the historical finish-line even before embarking on the legendary 42,195km distance.

And there’s always this one too…..Midnight Sun Run, Tromso….

Start and finish in the city centre. After 2K you’ll be crossing The Bridge of Tromsø.  The bridge rises from 6 up to 43 meters over sea level and brings runners to Tromsdalenwhere the sight of the Arctic Cathedral with the mountains behind is a great view. After running about 20K the runners recross the bridge, and return through the city centre. The second half of the course is mainly flat and quite easy to run. The course has been measured and controlled by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).


Just thought I would share these amazing marathons…. I wonder which one I will do?

BB xx


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