NEW BLOG POST: Freudian running….

What are you running from?  Sometimes people put on a smile and inside they are crumbling.  Laughter and jokes can only muffle so much…  I know many people like this… myself too, at times.  Had a hard day and gone for a run to get away from it all.


Fake smile plastered on…

Something on TV today has triggered a great sadness in me and memories that resurface now and again, some that I mostly like to stuff to the back of my mind and repress…. that’s why running has been so very important to me, its been able to exorcise some of these memories and thus release that repression, I am quite a different person than I was, from even just a year ago.

If I have learnt something this past week its that repression NEVER works, it will resurface at some stage if not tackled with, something that I have seen up close recently.

I’ve read many articles on the association between the positive affects of running and mental health… here’s a list of why its so important and will remain an important part of my life…..

  1. Reduces anxiety: Exercise reduces the body’s stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol.
  2. Social interaction: Making friends through running can become a great social support for those suffering from depression and may help to reduce anxiety in other, more socially-demanding situations.
  3. Improves sleep: Insomnia has been proven to worsen symptoms of depression. Regular exercise will improve sleep quality.
  4. Confidence: The more you exercise the more you become confident about yourself and your abilities, lowering depression.
  5. Increases appetite: A loss of appetite is a key symptom of stress and depression. A balanced and nutritious diet plays an important role in sustaining good physical and mental health
  6. Goal setting: gives you an organised plan to aim for and achieving goals no matter how small (or large) can have a great impact on your mental well-being.

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise… Sigmund Freud.








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