NEW BLOG POST: Bouncing back for Bath

Hey, hope you have all had a fabulous week.  I have been in a fishing lodge in North Wales for most of this week, just got back today!  I didn’t realise how much I needed that break until I was on holiday and luckily my work email password expired and I can only reset it at my laptop, so happily was work free for the week…

Of course I packed my running kit and I managed to cover a glorious 17 miles of running over two days, which I was very pleased with – one run at 9 miles, the other at 8 miles.  These are the longest runs I have done for a very long time, so feeling a little bit more confident about the impending Bath Half, which is NEXT FREAKING WEEKEND! GULP!


Beautiful North Wales was a pleasure to run around….

In all honesty I think the best way round the Bath Half is a running / walking combo – however we will see what I can do on the day.  I am not going to stress about it or go for a PB, will save that for Swansea, but just going to try and enjoy it! Seems like they are changing the route for next year which is a shame as its good to compare year on year, so will enjoy this ‘flat fast’ race this year, I think Bath may be the one I do each year.

I wont be meeting up with anyone on race day at Bath Half, I literally cant speak before a race, nerves really get to me, (the poor ladies from RMR who met me pre-Bristol HM could only get a couple of words out of me) and will be shooting off afterwards to get to my daughter,  but really looking forward to seeing how everyone fared.

Talking of Bath races, I completed the Bath Two Tunnels 10k last weekend, if you’re in my FB running group you will know how much I did not want to do this race.  I sabotaged myself the day before by getting blotto with my auntie and I have had nights and nights of no sleep still, which really gets me down, on top of gigantic stress. However, my family and I set off early on the Sunday and got down there in good time, in fact it was such good time that the tea van hadn’t arrived yet!

It was the COLDEST day I could remember and I decided to wear my jacket on the run – its slightly thicker than my Berghaus and it was a bad mistake and one I wont be making again.  I felt loaded down for most of the race and uncomfortable.  However the thought of taking it off  was too much – I was so frozen I was shaking, there were some guys there in vests and shorts only!!! Whaaaaat?!  I really do feel a Southern softie when I see those guys!  Brrrr….

The warm-up pre-race was EXCELLENT – I normally get annoyed at the Race for Life warm-ups, they are too ‘aerobic’ in nature,  I preferred this one as it was designed for runners.

It seemed an age to get to the starting line, I was in Wave 3, which had a finish time of approx 55-60 mins.  I had run a 10k in 55 minutes a while back so was quite confident for this race… however after another chest infection and my daughter being sick/sleepless nights for weeks on end, I trudged round in 1:07, not great, but I will take it seeing how badly my training had been prior to that.  That’s the life of a runner, the ups and downs.  I’ve had 2 awesome runs in North Wales, with no pressure, so when I run the Bath Half I will run NAKED.

Running through the tunnels was quite an experience though, I loved running in the dark, it was so unusual, creepy, and oddly enough I ran quite fast through them!  If they could only have the Bath HM through a 13.1 tunnel rather than round the streets I might stand half a chance.

I will be back to do the two tunnels for sure, possibly the series!

My main focus now before the Bath HM will be to get some sleep, a last 8 mile run tomorrow, plus a couple of shorter runs next week.

Cant believe Bath has come around so fast again, no doubts I will be saying that when I do it next year.

Wishing you all a happy weekend, with much love BB xx





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