NEW BLOG POST: Nerves ahead of Bath

Crikey I am nervous… I am REALLY nervous…I am even nervous typing this! Have managed to not bite my nails as yet but I am woofing down tons of carbs to keep me going… every time I go near the Bath event leaflet I get butterflies and feel sick, I haven’t even opened the damn thing as yet.  I am hoping that this nervous energy will carry me round the 13.1 miles I need to do and in a decent time, whatever I do doesn’t matter really its the getting out there that’s important.

What I need to concentrate on is slowing my pace right down and taking it easy on bits that I am getting puffed on.  I am looking into the Jeff Galloway system at the moment for my marathon. A running / walking method that has less impact on the body and according to Jeff how us humans should be running as per our ancestors! Hmm, can you imagine if I get a great time and have walked / run the Gloucester mara – seems to make more sense than slogging my guts out to burn out …. Hmmmm… lets see, I am interested to see Jeffs training plans.

Tomorrow I have a London work course and will be back to pack my bags for me and my family, I seem to have everything I need, I think….  My peanut butter Cliff bars arrived yesterday and a new water bottle to carry round, my old one’s top keeps coming off and distracting me.  Popping in an electrolytes tablet on my longer runs and sipping on them have been great! Seriously hoping that Bath sort out their water bottle locations as last year people were throwing them on the floor and in the paths of other runners.  I heard on Twitter later that one person had sprained their ankle on one – how annoying after all that training!

Oh well, this will be the last blog I write till the big race… and one that I want to do each year!

Good luck to anyone else competing and hope that you have a fabulous, enjoyable time!

Yours nervously, BBxx





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