NEW BLOG POST: Half of Bath …

Hey all, wow what an experience this weekend was ….

After a week again of crappy sleep and a sore throat coming and going I thought I may just turn up in Bath, have my full English and support the other runners rather than compete myself!

Saturday morning arrived and I was totally wiped out – had two long journeys that week and very late finishes – 6am to 10:30pm! Joy! Sometimes I don’t know how I hold down a full time job, run, admin a Facebook group, maintain my house, look after my daughter pretty much on my own when my husband is on lates – I will look back one day and wonder if I’d gone crazy..

By Saturday midday I’d managed to get packed, daughter packed, car loaded, petrol and off we went – arrived in Bath about 3ish and headed straight for the children’s playground.. We wore Mia out as much as possible! Checked in at 4 and then pretty much had to leave immediately to walk into town to meet with a runner friend .. Wow it was warm and I was pretty grossly sweaty by the time I arrived. Had a lovely catch up over coffee and cake plus we were joined by another couple of the ladies who were running the half the next day too! One I hadn’t seen for three years so lots to catch up on!

Then I had to traipse around to find a place to eat and the only place without the need for reservations was a pub – where I had to take some distressing calls, woof my dinner down, run around after Mia.. By the time I dragged my ass to bed I completely passed out only to then clean up sick at 11pm – this wasn’t boding well for a relaxing pre-race mindset.

After 6 hours kip I didn’t feel too bad and decided to head off later than I normally would to runners village – no need to get there early really – and just walked straight through to the orange area where all the other runners were waiting – had half hour to kill but that flew by and we were off!

I ran a good 8.5 miles solidly which I was really happy with and then a jog/walk strategy to the finish.. And to a PB 2:25:48 I was very happy with that! I had no expectations and I think this took the pressure off – as much as I wanted to run naked I decided to use my Garmin too, the control freak in me wouldn’t allow me not to!

The route was great as usual, the bands were good – especially one band that covered the sex pistols – brilliant! Loads of charity runners which is always great to see, a certain Darth Vader an absolute hero running countless marathons and halfs, plus he carried a collection bucket too! Much respect! The water stations were busy as usual however there is still the problem of the bottle tops with some runners sliding on them – one person shoved me – if I wasn’t so exhausted I would’ve ripped his head off his shoulders.

Overall though it was brilliant and I will be back to run this event again next year which has a slight detour from the standard route they have used since 2006.

So very very very happy with that performance ..considering how crappy my training has been and sleep, Mia and everything else!

And now looking forward to the rest, a few days off and a run later in the week to get the legs moving again … I refuse to do a recovery jog tonight I will suffer the consequences rather!

Running the Bath route brought such good memories from the first attempt in 2015 and my first half which I did in 2:45 – so a whopping 20 mins faster – I couldn’t be more happy with that!

So what’s next? Star Wars May 4th virtual run and Swansea Half… I’m considering deferring my Gloucester marathon to next year rather will reassess in a couple of months and make the decision then.



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