NEW BLOG POST: Marathon Planning, Gloucester

Well as Easter looms, so does the start of my marathon planning.  A little frustrated as I was with My Asics plans previously I have decided to download their marathon plan for the inaugural Gloucester marathon on August 7.

I am going to give this my BEST SHOT!  Why?  Because I am clearly insane, but I think as a runner you need to be insane!  It helps!

Earlier in the week I tweeted the organisers if I had the option to defer, which luckily I do, so If I am floored with sleepless nights/illness I can take that option as a final resort.  But I don’t want to.  I want to get this damn race done and prove to myself, by hook or crook, that I can run the entire 26.2, or run/walk, or crawl, or whatever it frigging takes to get over the frigging line.  That could be attaching myself by blades to a much faster runner of course, or a bus a l’a Frank Specer.



My Asics constructs your personalised plan by working out how fast you can say run a HM, and then calculates your training plan and predicted time to complete the distance, for the full marathon its saying 5:06 for me – I would be VERY happy with that!  So let’s see!

So, the training starts on Easter Monday… and the first stage is the pre-conditioning stage, 4 runs in that week at ‘jogging’ pace, 14:10/mile? WTF?  I am definitely not doing that slow pace but my normal 11:00 min/mile pace – see I have broken the rules already.  Then the following weeks it gives you x 3 runs a week, in the ‘Getting Faster’ stage.  This is quite manageable, with a planned strength training, yoga stretch out and ad-hoc sports massage to keep me going.  There are further stages after that but I am taking this huge leap in training in manageable chunks.

Have to get my weight down (she says putting down a flapjack) – to run better than I am… so that’s my next biggie to look at. I may share my recipes details on my runners page on FB.. if the members want to see that?  I may get black-balled.

Finally, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Easter break, religious or not, hope that is is peaceful and a happy one that you spend with your families.  It always brings happy memories back of me and my brother munching on our chocolate watching the Pink Panther…. happy days!


I am an officer of the lewwwwwww

I’ll be back to blog my progress on my marathon plan, here we go! BB xx


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