NEW BLOG POST: Listening to your body and knowing when enough is enough….

My cousin passed away at 28 years of age of Brugada Syndrome, for anyone who doesn’t know its  heart condition that can go largely undetected, as it did with my cousin.  This as you can imagine was a huge devastating blow to my family and his wife and daughter (who turned 2 years old the day after he passed away).

James was a keen and well respected rugby player and had only been training with his team mates a day before he died.  He was also an all-round nice guy and I can’t believe he is not with us still, his funeral back in 2005 was a very dark day.

The death this weekend of runner David Seath has made me think a lot of James over these past couple of days and the injustice of how fit, healthy sports people can just pass away, without any warning signs.  I hate that about life, how it can take away some amazing people in their prime.

The events this weekend has also made me think about how I listen to my own body, do any of us truly rest when we really need to?  Or do we push ourselves to get the miles in for the training plan or that workout when our bodies are begging for a rest, or constantly being hit by colds and flu.

If there is anything to take from this weekend with David’s death is that I will listen to the signs more that my body is telling me rather than what an app is wanting me to do. Life is too short to be worried about the stats.


James Patterson

James, I was proud you were my cousin, and your daughter Charlotte is an absolute testament to the man you were, she has your eyes.  You will never be forgotten.

BB xx



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