NEW BLOG POST: Getting real and a little bit creative!

I came to the mahoosive decision yesterday that I would defer the Gloucester marathon to next year.  When I booked it a whole year year ago, I thought that would be ample training time to achieve this huge goal… and now with it only 3 months away it really is impossible, I have to accept the realities and limitations as a runner at the moment.  I very much believe in respecting the miles and I can’t do a half-hearted pitiful attempt, its just not me.  At best I am half marathon ready rather than full marathon.  That’s the real deal.

This decision has greatly upset me, when I told my runner friends yesterday I had tears in my eyes and felt pretty rubbish about it, its the sensible choice, for me, its just not right, at this time.  I know its right as much as I hate the decision.  May be its the Leo in me, or may be my old Nan who was a determined bugger too,  admitting I can’t do something is nothing other than a massive blow in the guts.


What I will concentrate on are my half marathons and actually achieve the full distance completely running them.  I am also going to go for the New York marathon ballot for next year – so we will see!  If that’s my first marathon then that will be really well worth waiting for.

On another more positive note, I now have a YouTube channel! Some of my runner friends have uploaded their running video histories, please go check it out and let me know what you think?  I aim to film a few of my runs here in the Cotswolds to share.  I love editing movies so hopefully you will enjoy them.

Hope everyone’s running is going well and speak to you soon, BB xx




2 thoughts on “NEW BLOG POST: Getting real and a little bit creative!

  1. Better safe than risking injury due to not being ready. That would prevent you from running any marathon so I think you took a hard but wise decision. Good luck with further running.

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    • Thank you so much for understanding – it’s just beyond my capabilities at the moment and I want to enjoy running than stress about it – thanks for your comment really appreciated X


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