NEW BLOG POST: If you can’t stand the heat…

Wow, it was hot yesterday.  As we were at Alton Towers on Monday and Tuesday of this week I missed my 3 mile ‘fast’ run that I normally do on Monday’s (although we did 8 miles of walking), however I wanted to get out yesterday as I started getting the crazies, plus I had a 6 mile run to do to stick with my training plan for Swansea.  Just a reminder, I am doing a fast 3, normal pace 6, and then LSR (at whatever pace I fall into) per week.

Due to work I could only manage a 4:30pm run, and oh boy that was HOT and MUGGY!  I tried to stick to the shaded areas where I could and slowed my pace right down.  My backpack was full of water thankfully!  Wore my skort and a vest top (black, probably not the best colour to wear), thought I would be OK.  Eep how wrong was I! By mile 5 I was DONE, only a mile short of what I wanted, but I couldn’t get any more out of my legs and all my water had gone too.

Felt a bit stupid running at that time really, however, reflecting on it Swansea HM could have the exact same conditions in terms of heat and humidity, and if you’re training for an upcoming race then it should be in all conditions.  So all in all, was pleased.  Plus, I did it in 53 mins, which is pretty much my normal time for that distance anyway.


A few of my runner friends shared their tips on staying cool while running in the heat…

I decided this week too that I am picking up strength training too, after completing the 30 day shred in April and getting to a 3 minute plank in the May 30 day plank challenge I am ready to take on more.  I asked my running group to share what other sports they do to compliment running and have seen that swimming is quite popular.  We have a lido in Cirencester that I am hoping to get to to do a few proper laps in!  The swimming I do at the moment is a few doggy paddle strokes while playing with my daughter! So will be interesting to see how my lungs fare with proper swimming.

Hope you are all having a good week, how do you cope in the heat?


ps – I vlogged my Alton Towers trip and stay at Splash Landings, if you wanted to take a look?




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