NEW BLOG POST: 9 days till Swansea!

Wow, only 9 days left till Swansea Half Marathon.  It was only yesterday that I confirmed I could run it!  My husband is now on a training course, an essential course, for a new job that starts very shortly after and they cancelled this weekend’s course and placed it slap bang while we were away in Swansea.  Great!  Much cursing and panicking followed, but we now seem to have a plan in hand!

Finally I have got childcare nailed for the Saturday and Sunday, so I am able to leave late on the Saturday and get to Swansea in the evening and have a decent nights sleep before the race start at 09.00.

After the race I will have to hot-foot it back to Cirencester to pick my daughter up.  I’m so lucky that the babysitter is one of the nursery staff who Mia knows well and is comfortable with.  Its these race considerations that can make or break whether you can turn up for the race.  I now have to think of whittling down what I take with me to the bare minimum as its only one bag to stow away in baggage in race village.

I am hoping to meet some of my running friends from VRF’s at the event, hopefully post-race as I am a bag of nerves pre-race and can hardly speak.  Will be great to put some names to faces and faces to names!  Better running without music, I am just taking my Garmin and Strava app to keep check of progress.  I don’t care for a PB, just to enjoy the experience of it all really, I am so lucky to be able to get down there after this weeks shenanigans threw everything up in the air.

Very much looking forward to this route as its gorgeous, in training I have got up to good two ten milers recently, just hoping that the weather is kind to us as my training runs in the high humidity have left me with major headaches and quite sluggish! Something I never get usually.  Been more mindful to drink plain water and take electrolytes after my run too as I understand that this can help.

After a half hour treadmill sweat-fest today my next run is an LSR on Sunday morning, the last one before the big race and a few 5 milers next week, then I will get my kit ready and sorted. Eep….

Then all I have to worry about after that is doing a good job at the Bath Two Tunnels (my earlier 10k run this year was disappointing), and onto Cheddar Gorge for August.  Plus finishing off the 1000 mile challenge too!  September I have a trail event in Devon plus my 5th Half Marathon in Cheltenham which should be great fun!

However my 4th half marathon awaits… good luck everyone! BB x


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