NEW BLOG POST: Run Social app trial…

Another Amazon order! Now a  Garmin Foot Pod – this I really CAN’T WAIT to arrive. Mostly to see who is right, me or my treadmill! I have a feeling that it has not been tracking correctly, on outside runs I can run MUCH faster and further, inside not so,  this has always bugged me! With any luck the foot pod in conjunction with my Garmin watch will tell me for sure how fast I am going. I have no grumbles at all with my treadmill apart from this, so it will be interesting to see who is right!

I am also keen to start using the Run Social app that I have downloaded too. I first heard of Run Social when Tim Peake used this app on the Internal Space Station to run the Virgin London Marathon back in April and have been keen to make my runs on the treadmill more interesting.  As much as I love to stare at Norman Reedus (a huge cut out of NR is facing me on my treadie which my friend from the States sent me!), anything over a half hour ‘dreadmill’ run is just not very motivational at all.  Thought Run Social would be perfect for me to keep me motivated and go past the half hour boredom threshold.

From what I have seen from the app so far, you get a free route, in this case I have the Scottish Highlands 10k which I am planning to do tomorrow (if I feel well enough – another story), and there are other paid routes (I assume you only pay once, will update when I know for sure).  The paid for routes look equally as amazing – Tibet, Sequoia, Swiss Alps etc.  This should alleviate some of the boredom factor!   There is an option to buy a grip to keep it in place on the treadmill, or if you’re able to cast it from an Apple device to larger screen then this would be a good alternative.

You are able to run with others who are on the route too as their avatars appear which should be interesting, I have added some snaps below for you to see…. Will report back after I have used it! BBx


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