NEW BLOG POST: In a happy place…

I seem to have found a very good balance since Swansea Half Marathon and learning from its silver linings.  Yesterday I decided to go walking with my family rather than an LSR (I’d normally be gone for 2+ hours with Gav at home left holding the baby so to speak) and enjoy the views in the beautiful  county of Gloucestershire, my adopted home!

The weather was simply glorious, we were originally going to go swimming (and it took me an hour of hunting down my cossie at home), but sacked it off for the walk instead. It was the best choice, a beautiful sunny Sunday to enjoy outside… what more could you ask for!  As a runner I want to get into walking/hiking more, I think its so important to value this part of the overall training.

Recovery from the Half Marathon was a complete week of rest, no training whatsoever! A rest and reassess was well deserved and welcomed.  Only downside is that it has delayed me in my quest in the 1000 miles a year challenge, but I am not going to stress about it, I can make it up!


Crickley Hills… beautiful

I’ve been glugging my green boost powder drink too to boost my greens and goodness and build me back up again (I’m completely bone-achingly lethargic after a big run).  So far so good, I feeling much more energetic and sleeping very well, last night I had 8 glorious hours sleep.  I have the coconut powder and beetroot powder options too.

The coconut powder water is much more palatable than the beetroot one, but I am finding each day its getting easier to take.  I saw these powders in Holland and Barrett on special so thought I would try them out, although I am a big believer in getting nutrients from real food, I just wanted to take these to see if they made a difference.

It was a pleasure to pop down to the Cirencester Race for Life to grab the ever awe-inspiring Shona Darley to say hi and a quick selfie. Shona is featured in the August Women’s Running Magazine, please go check her article out.  Her story is amazing, and she goes on to inspire so many others too.   I was especially touched that my Dad’s name was recognised… he is a cancer fighter… thank you that meant the world to me.

FullSizeRender (2)

Funny who you bump into in Ciren Park…

Today was my first run since Swansea and I wanted to clock in 3 miles, to start me off again, which I did.  It was quite warm and muggy but I feel good for stretching my legs and getting back into running – leaving it any longer than a week of recovery starts off the cabin fever loonies. Going to treadmill it tomorrow while using the Run Social app – it’s so addictive! I’d highly recommend this app to anyone.  It’s so fun! We were joking in the running group that its easy to just jump on the app for fun even when you’re not even running!

Hope you’re all running well and enjoying the summer races…

Take care all, BB xx




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