Putting my back into it…

I seem to have pulled the muscles in my middle back… not sure how I did this exactly but possibly lifting Mia out of her cot at an awkward angle the other day.  Not good!  Hot baths, my massage pillow and a hot water bottle have relieved it somewhat however not being able to run today is a real downer and not good news for 1) Bath Two Tunnels on Sunday and 2) my 1000 mile challenge total (23.62 miles per week to meet my goal!)

The Bath Two Tunnels races are an amazing experience, the tunnels themselves are eerie and just fabulous to run in.  I really don’t want to miss it at all… lets see if I get running to Bath, or get the bath running!

The old me would be panicking about this, but I decided that I can just do what I can – if I miss either of those events/challenges then whats the worse that could happen? Asteroids won’t hit the earth…. I don’t think!

Gav and Mia are away for the weekend tomorrow, so I plan on chilling out, watching some crap TV and may be I will put my trainers on for Bath this Sunday if I am up for it.  If my back is still in pain then I will get to the doctors, there is no risking it with back complaints!

On another note the latest episode in the A week in the life of … a runner! is out now on YT, please check it out.

All the best BBxx

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4 thoughts on “Putting my back into it…

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