Caffeine boost…

One of my recent finds and under recommendation from a runner friend is Truestart Performance Coffee.  I picked up a 80g pouch and have been waiting to test it out before my runs to see if it affects my performance in any way.


pass me my Joe!

Truestart Performance Coffee has been developed by athletes and the only coffee designed for sports performance.  It’s a natural Colombian Arabica coffee, so has no nasty chemicals. It has the lift with its controlled caffeine release but doesn’t have the extreme highs and lows of regular instant coffees.  It’s stated to improve focus, mental performance and physical endurance and packs 95mg of caffeine per scoop. So sounds pretty good… but what does it taste like?

As I ran out of my regular coffee brand this morning, I remembered I had this in the cupboard and an ideal day to test it out as I had a treadmill run planned.  It has a very earthy taste and I noticed immediately the difference in quality from my normal regular brand.  It tastes very good!

My first coffee was at 6.30am and then another one at 10.30am with a short treadmill run planned for 11am, and boy did I fly on that treadmill! A complete sweatfest twenty minute blast.  Brilliant!  I aim to drink it again tomorrow ahead of my LSR to see how it works for that too. So far, so good!  Another boost is that it may also oddly help me reduce my caffeine habit with its controlled caffeine release, today I have had 2 coffees and that’s a massive reduction from the 6 per day I was having!

Happy sipping BB xx







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