Book review: The Long Run

A fellow running friend recently sent me a copy of a book in which he said was just incredible and that I had to read it…. and he was right, Matt Long’s The Long Run is simply phenomenal. Not only for runners but anyone who can associate with the powerful message that Matt’s story conveys of overcoming perceived limitations.

This is a heartwarming story of a hero New York firefighter, a successful ironman competitor who is struck down by a bus in New York while on his bike.  His body ripped apart in the accident, he clung onto life and beautifully describes his way back to rebuilding himself.  You can truly feel his frustration from the mindset of an athlete with the doctors, his limitations and process to rebuild.  The unwavering support of family and friends which is strongly present throughout the book.  He reemerges from this, his toughest challenge,  to become an athlete again and an inspiration to millions.

A touching, gripping story, you can’t help but cheer Matt along in every chapter.

Here’s a Ted Talk on Matt’s life if you need some inspiration today… BB x


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