Back to nature…

Yesterday I took myself off in my new Mizuno‘s to test them on the local trails… these Mizuno’s are an early birthday present to myself, along with a new ‘do and next up a spa day! (don’t tell the bank manager!).

I went with Mizunos as I have been really impressed with the  Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 that I bought earlier in the year, wide enough to accommodate my feet, best of all its taken the pressure off my right foot bunion issue.. which seems to be no issue at all now thankfully.

My local park is Cirencester Park, owned by Earl Bathurst, its 3000 acres in total and has many trails throughout to explore and only approximately a mile trot from my home.  As you enter the park is has a slow rising hill, affectionately called Big Bertha, which really tests the lungs and great for hill work… the trails branch off and out from the top of Bertha. I did 4 miles steady uphill and 1 mile downhill, with a one mile cool down walk after.  The shoes felt super light and springy and much lighter than the Karrimor ones I had bought last year.   My feet felt really cushioned and supported throughout my run, which was thoroughly enjoyable too.

Trail running has become a new love, its a whole different run, no terrain is the same so it takes away the monotony of pavement pounding which has just become very boring for me.  Plus the locals around here hate runners on the pavements…


Mizuno Wave Hayate 2 trail running shoes

There was no-one else on the trails yesterday too, just the birds chirping and the sunlight filtering through the trees, it was so peaceful, I truly loved it.  What I like too is the challenge of the terrain, some parts were hugely muddy to navigate and others I seemed to fly down.  This type of running seems to be the key to finding my joy in running which is one of my goals for the the remainder of the year.  Too much is focussed on times and performance in running, that it had become to stress me out.  With running being my release from stress, it had started to become a stressor – that had to stop!










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