Looking ahead to Cheddar…

Each event takes in what has been affectionately dubbed the ‘Hell Steps’; a cheeky little flight of steps with a surprise mid way up

Oh dear! as my two year old daughter would say!  Just popped onto the Relish Running site for my next race which is fast approaching on 21st August and read this!

In a way I am looking forward to running a race which is not pavement pounding, this sounds  a complete challenge…. it opens with ‘You are running one of the toughest events in the South West’.  So whether it takes an hour or ten hours for me to complete the Cheddar Gorge 10k it will be a whole new experience and another one to add onto my running journey.  No doubts while I am running it I will be thinking what on earth made me book it, or why didn’t I go for the 5k option!


Cheddar beauty

The views look incredible around the route from their website and I am wondering if I should invest in a Go Pro to record it all?  We are hoping to use that type of camera when we go to the States later this year so may be worth the investment now, and also to practise with it so I am up to speed for my holiday in November.  The prices seem to range from £159 upwards… so not a cheap purchase by any means.. hmm…

Last week, I tried out my new trail shoes which were excellent, I am very much a converted Mizuno lady! I will be wearing them in even more over the new three weeks till race day. Not sure on the rest of the kit as yet… with this terrain I am thinking that trousers may be better than my skort, will see! But I will definitely have my water backpack on.


The trusted backpack!

The whole weekend sounds really good fun all in all! We are camping nearby at the same campsite as one of my runner friends, it will be my daughters first camping trip and I am just praying that she sleeps that Saturday night!

Relish Running are fast becoming my favourite event organisers… at only £18 to enter this race you can’t grumble at that!


Looking forward to updating you all on how I get on… BBx


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