Trail Raider series coming soon…

When I first set this blog up I did have the intention of blogging running routes in the Cotswolds and that’s what I fully intend to go back to do now that I have found a new love of trail running.


this smiling trail runner will be me!

Gav downloaded a GPS app for me, View Ranger.  Its a brilliant free outdoor discovery map where you can get ‘trails and maps anywhere in the world’.  I’ve used it already for my trail run last week in Cirencester Park, and will go back to record more of it and upload here to share as part of my upcoming ‘TRAIL RAIDER’ series.  Many of the maps are free, highly detailed and can be easily downloaded onto your tablet or phone.  Its helpful navigation system even points you in the right direction, very handy feature for people with no directional sense, like me!

There is a whole heap of features in this app that I am yet to get to grips with, such as the social media side of sharing, performance stats etc, so will follow this blog up with a more thorough review (plus a YouTube review) to let you know how it works and what benefits it can bring to your trail running fun.  You can plot your own routes too rather than downloading them, so that may be something I branch into after I have got to grips with the workings of it all.

Some of my reviews will be walked trails, as I want to share this with my non-running husband and 2 year old toddler (shes a pretty damn fast runner on those munchkin legs but 10k may be pushing it!).   These are likely to be much shorter distance trails but will give a good feel for terrain and elevation.

After Cheddar Gorge this weekend and my Devon trail next month, I will be running mostly trail throughout the winter.  Part of my training will have to be pavement pounding though so I am prepared for the Bath Half 2017!  However, I am looking forward to kicking off this series and a new adventure into trail.

Happy ‘trail’ runnings! BBx






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