Autumn wishes…

Happy September everyone!  So VERY glad to see that my favourite month has arrived…Not that its my birthday coming up or an anniversary but the promise of  beautiful autumnal skies and a fresh air that is perfect for running in. #happy

I have always loved this time of year, the sense of slowing down and peacefulness, I can’t quite describe it really.  After this hectic year of various family in hospital and also my daughter, the promise of the last few months with things looking up in all direction is very enticing!


My FB running group VRF’s is still going full guns and its been so successful that work have asked me to create one for them, they even featured VRF’s in the staff magazine , so this has kept me busy too!  I never meant it to be a running group but just a place to chat to my running friends I had met on social media, but its taken off with people forming friendships and meet-ups, and I have met some absolutely amazing people myself.  What a year its been!


Since Cheddar Gorge I’ve nursed a calf injury that had been off/on for a few weeks and it went 3k’s into the race and took a week of TLC to repair. I am now happy to report that I have been out for 2 runs since (just two miles a piece) and its been fine! Apart from going stir crazy for a week, its been good to get out and feel confident again in running.

The life of a runner has these ups and downs!  The last three months has been full of back injuries, kidney problems and generally crappy running since Swansea – a generally low spirit, but the last two runs I’ve been in a happy place.  Happy with the pace and performance and feel like I am back on track with it all.  I’ve switched off the voice prompts from my Strava too, and this has made life so much easier.  The pressure has been taken off in a positive way.

The 1000 mile challenge I completed too and got it in in JUST under a year.  These types of challenges, although stressful at times, are good for keeping me on track. So I may have a mini-challenge for myself to get a certain amount of miles in for September. We will see!  Nothing as extreme as the 1000 mile challenge again, but a mini-goal 🙂

I have a possible trail 10k coming up in Dartmoor in a couple of weeks, weather permitting (camping in the rain ain’t fun), and then the Bath Half next Spring to train for.  Other than that I can just see local 10k trail races for me next year and that makes me happy! 2016 was too full of clock watching and too much pressure, that isn’t happening for 2017!  I will leave 2016 a very different runner…

Hope you all have your running plans in place for the rest of the year, and enjoy the Autumn months… much love BB xx



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