Should times matter?

I recently discussed this subject with my runner friends, ‘should times matter’?  Can we be so busy clock watching that we miss so much else about what we are doing irrespective of time and performance?  How are we actually feeling during the run?  Happy or frustrated?  This is something that I have asked myself more and more recently following the disastrous Swansea affair.. the more I seem to clock watch and analyse everything I am doing, the more I am feeling disheartened by what I am doing and my long departed runjo seems to be hiding from me forever!


So, what am I doing to correct this?

  1. I may have mentioned previously I have switched off the voice prompts from Strava.  I can’t recommend this enough from any app you are using. Takes the pressure off, ’nuff said.
  2. I have refused to wear my Garmin, and will only use this for races only.
  3. I am only running 2 miles a day in the weekday when I am working from home.  No long ass runs in the hot humid weather.  Leaving LSR’s to the weekend.
  4. Cancelled the rest of this years races to make time to find my runjo.
  5. Run for me.  This is something that was told to me a long time ago and its stuck, its been the best piece of advice I have ever been given.  I can’t run for anyone else other than myself.  Whether I am running 10 miles or 2 miles, whether I have walked half or run the lot, its up to me and only me.  Pressure off.  Others expectations/criticism are normally about how they feel about themselves and nothing you are doing.



2 thoughts on “Should times matter?

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