Roman holiday…

Recently some friends and I visited Rome, a city that I have never been to before (in fact I’ve only been to Italy once before, a few years back on a wonderful holiday with Gav to Lake Garda).  Determined not to take my running kit, I decided that I was going to pack the miles in with walking and boy did we walk! and talk! and DRINK! well, you know me!

Rome is a fabulous city to explore, the tourist spots are not that well signed and its possible to walk for ages just finding the tourist hot-spots!  This is the perfect place to get your step count up.  I was so glad that I decided not to take my running stuff, my friends aren’t runners and we were up at 7am on the days we were there so that we could fit in everything we needed to do.  I couldn’t hat fit it all in and I was glad, I love walking, I wanted to enjoy it without stressing about running.  I am not training for anything for a while so happy with just running to my plan which I detailed here.

The first day we visited the Vatican and many other tourist spots on the far side of Rome (and an assload of walking from our apartment right on the other side of the city) and the total step count for the day was a whopping 31,754 steps! Crikey!

The next day we took it a bit easier with 26,538 steps, the Colosseum was nearer the apartment !  My feet felt fine, (thank you Converse) but my friends in their flip flops didn’t fare as well.  We covered nearly the marathon distance in those two days, 25.5 miles in total. Happy with that!

I thoroughly recommend this superb city for a walking weekend, in fact we saw groups of cyclists on a city tour – what a cool way to explore a city!

Below are some pix…. Big thumbs up for Rome.. I’ll be back again with my walking shoes….and possibly my running kit….BBx





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