Morning joy

Went for a gorgeous run this morning, been waking up early this week, 5:30am starts (yawn)… however this morning as I was watching the weather forecast predicting crazy temperatures I decided to take myself off for a 7am run before the day started.

Not a soul around! Just my soles… ha ha


Normally I am jostling around tons of people and annoyingly people who walk sideways and backwards in Cirencester on my pavement 2 mile runs,  not this morning, there wasn’t anyone around.  My daughter hadn’t woken up so  I took advantage and so glad I did.

Just popped out for my normal 2 miler and ran really well for it, my pace is picking up again and I believe my two milers are making all the difference to my mindset and building my confidence again.


Work has been super busy lately and I’ve kept my head down most of last week stuck in spreadsheets so am thankful for an easier week this week and a time to concentrate on running and what I want out of it.  My plan seems to be working and I am finding the joy again, in places where I didn’t think I would.

My footfalls were re-focussing my attention, I seem to be landing a bit differently and it seems to be working for me. I seem oddly enough to have a flatter foot now… which I am sure I have read everywhere isn’t right, but it seems to be better for me.

My Disney vacay is coming up fast – 52 days and counting and after weighing myself this morning aim to lose 5 pounds in weight for then too, to feel good in my clothes and give me a buffer for the glorious USA dinners.  This means strength training too, a touch of swimming and most importantly really cut out a lot of crap I have been eating (and been in denial about).  We have decided no more desserts till Disney!  I can see me falling face first into a Banoffee pie as soon as I get to the States.  Desserts are my favourite thing ever, so this will require a will power of magnificent proportions.  There’s a jogging route around the hotel in Walt Disney World which I am looking forward to exploring too.

Trail Raider started last weekend too and I am testing out the camera and apps.  Had a total fail with ViewRanger, I totally need my glasses to view this properly. However the camera worked out well, here’s a little clip – note to self, I must aim the camera higher than my arm swing!

Tomorrow I will head out again and see how it goes, then its two days break till my LSR weekend trail intervals… can’t WAIT!

BB xx


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