Trail Raider #1 Cirencester Park

My first trip out testing the Go Pro and the other equipment/apps the week before was a bit of a #fail due to not wearing my glasses! Hey ho, so my first official Trail Raider post is here! With mixed results!  Still not as detailed as I want.. but this is all about trial and error, or should I say trail and error.

I feel the ViewRanger app is something that I am going to have to get used to, as you can see I came off the route a few times and in the end decided just to try and work myself back to base – I ended up in places that weren’t near the lined route at all!  Whoops…

I don’t find it incredibly user friendly if I am honest, however I am simply not used to this type of app at the moment and my directional sense isn’t the greatest.  Gav had to show me how to use it (well, he had to show me a few times how to use it!) but I am going to go back Saturday and try it again.  I completed 5.4 miles of trail last Saturday and looking forward to going back for more this weekend.

We have downloaded some routes already for the Cotswolds and I plan on jumping in my car and taking myself off over the Autumn/Winter to do a proper review of the trails.  But need to nail this app before I do so.  So will take it back to Cirencester park to complete the 14kms route.  If you use or try out the ViewRanger app please do let me know, we may be able to share some tips.  eskt83831

In the afternoon we went for a stroll in a forest near Sezincote House, the 2 mile walk turned into a very long walk and by the end of the day I had walked a half marathon… that wasn’t the exhausting bit… this was… a truly horrid find in the nearby woods.  Stay safe on the trails all, you don’t know what nutters are about.


Happy trails…. BBx


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