a jaw dropping moment…

My Facebook running group, VRF’s,  will be a year old on Dec 30!  I never actually meant it to be a group, just a page to place my running friends and family to discuss our shared love of the sport off my main Facebook wall.

Friends and family have added their friends and family, and we have become quite a good little group, we have fun, laughs in a not-so-serious environment.  But knowing there’s always the support you need, and sharing tips and advice.  I’ve always said its 80% running, 20% silliness (and that’s how its staying).  I knew I was doing something right with the group when I got trolled!

This week we had our first T-shirts rolled off the press and a few of the members will be wearing them at events this weekend.  The first being at the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon!  I couldn’t be prouder, running and Disney, my two favourite things…I’m the V on the VRF .. this was my jaw dropping moment!


I’m so proud of the people in this group, some I have known for years, some only a few months.  We’ve all been brought together through friendships and a mutual interest, no matter what level we are at.

There are many running groups on Facebook and Twitter, but this one will always be special to me.  I’ve met some great people through it and we will continue on…

For now that is… plans are afoot.



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