Hills! Aghhh….. 

A few in my running group have discussed a hill challenge, a personal challenge for ourselves rather than against each other that we can track our progress. 

I have shyed away from much hill work during the past two years and decided now is the time to get my big girl pants on and beast them – this is to help build up the strength in my legs to be able to tackle the trail hills on the Cirencester route. I’m tackling those as intervals at the moment and my ambition is to run the lot – the whole 14kms!

Big Bertha at the start of the park is a pavement path of 1 mile in length – with a lovely elevation which doesn’t look much but is a very gradual hill which ends up lung busting! When I run this on Tuesday I will upload the elevations, I am hoping to run up and down Big Bertha at least twice to start with and then take it from there… glad to have brought some hill work into my training and therefore more structure.  Will report back my progress! 

Trail Raider #2

Yesterday’s trail run was fun and I have eventually cracked the ViewRanger app!  Managed to run half way up the route and back down in intervals … some of the terrain was very long grass and mud but I really enjoy it! Taking a rest day today and gentle walk with the family in Minety plus a big ass well deserved roast…. 



2 thoughts on “Hills! Aghhh….. 

  1. Hey I have those same Mizunos! Love them. Anyway…good for you for tackling hill training it will serve you well! Last marathon training I did short hill sprints and long hill climbs. Not only will it build strength but also speed. Trail races are the best by the way! I’ve only ran two but enjoyed both so so much.

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    • thanks hun, I went from Asics to Mizuno and much better for my feet 🙂 im concentrating on 3 runs a week 1) hill repeats 2) Tempo 3) LSR… loving trails – so much better for me, just need to sort some contact lenses out to read my map app correctly and stop getting off route ha ha. xx

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