Breakthrough with heel striking…

Went for a great run yesterday,  it feels really good to be able to say that!.  As the summer has left, cooler weather has arrived and I seem to be finding my confidence again, in myself.  As I have mentioned a few times my confidence in running has been pretty much shattered since Swansea and I’ve shied away even from meeting up with running friends even for a quick jaunt.

Life seems to be getting much easier now and this seems to now be coming across into my running performance.  Where lots of people go running to get away from stress, its pretty useless for me as its seems to affect my performance, which spirals my mindset downwards, blah, not a great place for me to be.  A few times over the summer I was very close to walking away from running , which would have been a great shame after 2 years of consistent running training! Thanks to a couple of my running buddies, you know who you are, I was able to download my concerns and they convinced me otherwise.

I just went for a three miler yesterday and certainly not a flying pace at all, but I was happy and this is what I have been searching for for a long time with running, to find that happiness again.  Seems a lot of worry has lifted off my shoulders now and its made me feel so much happier all round.  I met with a good friend yesterday who I hadn’t seen over the summer due to various reasons and had a good, long overdue laugh and natter. Following on from a fabulous VRF’s meet-up at the weekend too, left me in very good spirits, which I am hoping lasts!


A big difference for me too has been returning to heel striking, I know this is not recommended in many running literature, but after testing out a few different postures/styles with running this year I seem to run much better, consistent and faster with heel striking.  I didn’t intend to set out heel striking however noticed I had fallen back into this habit on a run and noticed the positive difference.

After reading this article in The Guardian, I feel a whole lot better about heel striking and continuing to heel strike.  While trying to run mid to forefoot I seem to get calf injuries (which sidelined me for a few weeks) with my old style of heel striking I never seemed to get injured at all.  May be its the way my muscles have developed through Thai Boxing for many years that means this style is more efficient for me physiologically, who knows.

I am heading off out for my next Trail Raider run this weekend, attempting 14ks of the Cirencester Park trail, which is the complete route.  Now I know what I am doing with ViewRanger (so she says) I feel confident of making my way round and back in one piece!  Thinking of purchasing a new head torch too as Gavs shifts are changing so I may have to go running in the dark, this Silva one is built for trail runners so popping this onto my Amazon wishlist for next payday!

Hope you are all enjoying the cooler Autumn weather, BBxx








2 thoughts on “Breakthrough with heel striking…

  1. Victoria, this could be a very long and detailed comment but I’ll keep it simple. The problem wasn’t you calf muscles. It was the plantatis muscles. They weren’t developed enough to run forefoot. When you changed, you probably went a little too fast/far and they couldn’t take it. I had the same problem. Then I bought a bike. 😉


    • Thanks for your comment – its been an odd summer of running for me, mindset gone and trying out different postures etc. I will keep sticking at heel striking for now and see how i get on with the trails this weekend, have a 14k’s one I am hoping to complete. I really want a bike so hopefully pick some up soon as it will be good to get the husband out exercising as he is interested in this too… 🙂 thanks for your feedback, appreciated.

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