Trail Raider #4

Yesterday I took to Cirencester Park trails once more in an attempt to complete the 14k’s route that I had downloaded on ViewRanger.  Guess what…. I got lost again!  I really can’t work out what I did wrong too as I was certain I took that specific path previously.  Never mind!  Things kicked off badly when I realised I had forgotten to switch Strava on. Gah!

Two fatalities en route were:

  1. Trainer came full off my foot and stuck in the mud.  A comedy hobble back to retrieve it, was just glad no one else was on that trail to witness that.
  2. iPhone smashed screen on the ONE PIECE of pavement thats on the trail. Grrrr….

but the positives….

  1. I did complete 5.6K’s of trail (mostly uphill trail) and 2.4k’s of intervals back to the traffic lights.  I still need to get that proper LSR in and consistently if I have any hope of running Bath Half well in March next year.
  2. I learnt from an experienced trail runner friend that there is no shame walking hills on trails as its preserves energy and keeps good posture rather than trying to run it – why I lump pressure on myself to run the entire lot is ridiculous really.  I could cover much more ground by walking those hills and running the rest.  Taking the Trail Raider to a different location this weekend might do the trick.
  3. I didn’t get killed by a horse I nearly collided with.

The last 3 nights, I haven’t slept very well at all, so any running today is out (and I like to at least have a days break in between running), tomorrow I’m not working from home, but Weds, Fri and Sunday are looking good.  Going to try for a longish pavement run on one of those days on my old route that I used to do to death here – its a varied route through town and out to an army base here and back.  So a good long stretch.  Be good to see what I can do on that old route.


eye bags say it all… but happy to be out on the trails…

Going to get back to some Yoga too, that may help me sleep and also loosen me up a bit, had some calf pain on my trail yesterday (although nothing like before) but want to keep on top of it before it becomes an issue and I am sidelined.

Other plans now that my husbands shifts are being changed is to book a regular class of something else,  whether that be Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics etc… I am really not sure at the moment but know I need something else to compliment what I am doing now.  The fittest and best running performance I had was earlier this year when I was doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred alongside my running training and getting in good ten milers.  I know I need that again. There’s a running group here in Cirencester too that I may join, I was going to before but circumstances prevented me, but now might be a good opportunity.

Still have no plans really to book races for next year,  see what wings my way.  Cheddar Gorge I wouldn’t mind having a bash at again!  Feel a lot freer not having too many plans running wise… which makes me happy.

BB x






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