Time for me…

As I dragged myself out of bed after 2 hours sleep the other morning looking like a major zombie, I knew I had to take some time out and concentrate on yours truly.

I find I put myself last a lot of the time, well actually all the time.  With kids you do, right?

This week I have had a re-evaluation of what I needed to do to come ‘back to centre’.  I’m a massive fan of ying-yang, balance, keeping myself in homeostasis (mentally and physically).  This is by no means a ‘new age’ post, just someone of middle age trying to keep up with their responsibilities and stay sane at the same time.

A friend of mine likes to be out of balance and thrives on  it in fact.  He likes change and challenging his body, he will eat major junk food one day and hardly anything else for days on end.  He seems to find a balance himself in this behaviour.   I admire this if I am honest, for someone who feels guilty if they have had pizza for dinner, he wouldn’t even consider this an issue.

Why do we feel an instant guilt for putting ourselves first? Isn’t life too short for this? After all many people do, all the time, all day, every day!   Why carry this burden of guilt around, absolute waste of time.  Exhausting myself to see everyone else happy and putting myself last. No more.

Taking time for yourself and shutting out the world IS SO IMPORTANT!  I’ve been heavily involved in social media for such a long time, that staring into my phone is second nature to me.  Recently its become apparent that I’ve wasted so much time in doing this.

With a demanding job and many other responsibilities its sometimes easy to forget about myself and feel that I’ve let myself go a bit, well quite a lot really.

What am I doing about this….

  1. Looking after myself more; new do, new make-up, painting my nails and feeling more girlie.  I have allowed myself to fall into a bit of a slob. Working from home, has become working from PJs, no good!
  2.  Ordered new clothes, boots and found old clothes hanging up I’d completely forgotten about so smartening the hell up.
  3. Man from milk tray – when I go to the States I’m going to get some brighter running clothes.  I am always in black and want to brighten up my runs.
  4. Update on running less frequently – this may sound odd but I’d rather do a quality post than quantity junk posts.  Log on less frequently and engage better with people, when I can.
  5. Add in more Pilates, I loved this and really felt very calm afterwards which will help with sleep.
  6. Clear, positive goals about the Bath Half.  A friend sent me a fabulous training plan which I am going to follow, for once I feel quite good about this challenge and really looking forward to meeting a group of running friends post-race too.
  7.  Make more of my own time; I have been a script writer for years.  My creative juices slumped this year after a knock-back for me and my writing partner from a significant writer, who was rather kind but none the less it hurt.  However, quite uncharacteristically he made some notes for us on improvement.  I am going to re-visit these notes and pick this project up.
  8. Work out my future; I am always looking for my next course to develop myself. Lately I have been getting into video editing and have become a bit of a whizz with iMovie, so lets see what happens there!

Above all, I want to spend better time with my daughter.. and that means limiting social media, just being smarter about it and making it work for me.





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