Strengthening up…


My first shuffle out post hols wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t huffed, puffed and grasping a fence with one hand as expected… in total I did 4.1. miles, broken up by a few traffic light stops plus had to walk a bit on a trail hill.  Not bad for two weeks off apart from 80 miles at Disney (mostly walked) and three small runs, which I am so glad I did as the first post-hols run would have been diabolical.  I think all the walking plus constant lifting up of Mia during those 2 weeks have managed to keep some of the Mickey waffle damage at bay, as well as keeping some sort of level of fitness.  So, all in all, was quite pleased with my effort and not out of shape as I thought.  Bath Half is looming in the Spring, so now training has officially commenced for that.

Concentrating on my breath more, slower intakes and deeper breathing, plus bringing my pace down (as advised by a friend who is doing a HR zone training plan) makes things a bit more comfortable plodding out the miles. I wish I had, but I didn’t take any pix on the run, but the weather was just beautiful, sun filtering through the trees, plus the trail was full of different coloured autumnal leaves. Gorgeous!  A pleasure to run in such a beautiful environment.  I’ll be back tomorrow for another shuffle…

Earlier this year I was in better shape, I had more tone, weighed less and had a solid core with all the Jillian Michaels strength training I was doing. A ten mile run was a breeze. Then, and quite foolishly looking back, I just went into a running only phase – which seemed to work against me, injuries.. you name it (its all been detailed in this blog) – so I thought for my winter training I would do more different types of training to accompany and better my running performance.

Pulling out some old exercise DVD’s I have done these….

  1. Pilates for Beginners: an old Christmas present and was just excellent, there is a lot of emphasis on breath control which is what I am looking at.  Some parts look easy when demonstrated, but when doing them myself found quite challenging. All in all I did 36 minutes precisely!
  2. Zumba: hadn’t done any in this set of DVD’s in a year and chose the strength one to start with (45 minutes in duration). Had SUCH A BLAST, so going to continue on with this once a week, all those squats have to be good for runner legs don’t they?
  3. Davina McCall: 30 minute workout, lunges with weights and HIIT training to maximise your time, this gave me MAJOR DOMS the next day and another reminder that my foam roller isn’t an ornament.
  4. Yoga with Toddlers: a 20 minute YouTube upload, it was fun seeing Mia try the yoga positions and copy Mum plus a bonus that got a lovely stretch routine in.


Next up I will try a couple more of my ‘celebrity’ DVD workouts, Charlie Brooks and Mel B! How these haven’t been thrown into the charity shop already is beyond me… and I have forgotten to mention P90x .. found that DVD set… that’s gonna be HARD. Ohh and dug out my skipping rope… oh boy…

Good luck to all training over the winter.. !  BRxx



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