Never forgotten … Christmas of the past 

This is a hard blog to write, probably the hardest i will ever write, but I’m going to do it in memory of someone of was cruely taken away too young.  

A colleague and friend was murdered 25 years ago on Dec 13 and there’s never a year that goes by that I don’t think of him. 

I was 19 in 1991 and working at Bow Street Police Station in the civil service – it was my first job from school and as my old school friends were working in banks and office jobs I was experiencing something completely different as the clerk of the CID Unit – witnessing many things that my naive young self couldn’t quite comprehend at times. 

Jim was a PC and then acting DC in the CID unit at Bow Street – in 1991 he had moved on from Bow Street onto Lehman Street as a detective constable.  We all still regularly saw Jim as the social life was pretty much full on with drinks in Covent Garden.  I have fond memories of wrapping his wife’s Christmas presents, and being introduced to her at the local watering hole, The Globe, she was another ‘Plum’, he was a nice guy.

One night he was off duty and saw someone grab a handbag, chased him and got stabbed. Jim died as a result of his injuries, 25 years ago – he was 26 years old.

A darkness fell upon us all and pretty much the happy Bow Street staff were in misery and confusion.   It was never the same again.   I left for Hong Kong the year after – meaning to be gone for a year but not to return for 4 years, really I escaped (or attempted to) the hell of what had happened. If I’m honest I’ve never got over it.
On December 13 I will run in Jims memory, I think about him every year and hope his family and friends have found some peace and closure although the case was never solved. 

Christmas can be a very hard time for many reasons for many people and I will be thinking of you all who feel like that at this time of year.  

BR xx 


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