Auld Lang Syne…

I’ve been reading a lot of end of year posts and felt compelled to write mine.. but now as I am sat here typing I didn’t want to reflect back and write about the crappy year called 2016 but fancy writing about my plans for 2017 rather;

2017 goals

  1. Mindfulness/Mindset: I’ve downloaded Headspace again onto my phone and the motivation module – its 10 minute sessions at a time, so not a great commitment to have a moment of peace, its entirely manageable for me, so I’ve decided to do this every night for a while.  Thought this would help me with my other goals overall.
  2. Reading a book a month – I do not read enough at all and I want to get back into the habit.  I like old-school paper books, once where you can feel the pages rather than on a kindle or similar.  I feel a huge chunk of my life is already looking into a screen of some sort so picking up books again has been a pure pleasure.
  3. Zumba instructor course – this is in Feb, so I have a good 6 weeks of diet and strength training/Zumba/running to get fit for this (today I started T25 – which I will dip in and out of) – if I pass this module it opens up opportunities for teaching older adults and babies/toddlers too.  Purchased some Zumba trainers today as my running shoes have too much grip rather than dancing shoes.
  4. Project Management course – this I need to do for work and the studying for it is just mind-numbingly boring. However I need to get it completed for my year assessment.  My revising is going to be in the morning where I am the most alert, my plans are to drop Mia off at nursery and then do an hours study in Costa with the books.  The actual exam is in Jan, a long ass trip up London and a very long set of exam questions… groan.  I will just do my best/wing it as much as I can.  It would be handy to have this on my CV too as you can never be complacent where you work, as media moves so fast which technology.
  5. Trail Raider 2017 – picking up my Cotswolds trail running series again for 2017, and I will start again from the beginning.  Tomorrow I am off out with my Go-Pro and promise to upload my video.
  6. Enjoy running again – well, I think I am on the right path with this already, I have been slowing my pace right down and enjoying what I am doing.  My friend has been doing HR training and you can see the benefits its had for him, so slowing my pace down has made sense, and much more fun.  This also means too just one race booked for next year and my own trail runs to keep me motivated.  I can’t be doing with the pressures of racing any more, I don’t enjoy it and feel overwhelmed with everything work / home life and the lot without this adding to it.  Running is returning to being my pleasurable escape which is what it was always meant to be.
  7. More time for me – my daughter doesn’t sleep much and usually ends up in our bed.  At the sight of my huge eye bags the other day I noticed that I need more time for myself and to try and get more sleep.  We are aiming on getting her to bed earlier and in her own bed… I look ancient/worn at the moment and being squashed to the edge in my bed on most nights is not how I want to continue.
  8. Phone free evenings – yep, I am going to go phone-free for some evenings in the week, so I can watch a film without picking my phone up, or even having dinner with my husband without looking at it! (yep that happens)… I need to have a break from it.
  9. Save for Canada – after watching a fantastic movie about Canada at Walt Disney World, it reminded me how much I wanted to go there, specifically Quebec.  So thats the next savings fund for the next BIG holiday. Whoppee! Really can’t wait, it looks a fascinating place to go.

Have you decided what your 2017 plans are?

Whatever your plans, or just let things ebb and flow as they do, I wish you the very best for the New Year.    I can feel that its going to be a great year!



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