Well hello!


Well hello!  I have been a little quiet here lately.  Work has taken over my life plus some horrific exams which are now thankfully in the history books.    The stress it caused really wasn’t worth it, I was a horrible person to live with and life is too short to be that unhappy, all because of a tick-boxing exercise on an appraisal years ago.

I really do not care if I passed or failed. As I handed my answer sheets back I didn’t even ask how/when we would know the results… a poxy exam doesn’t define me as a person, the achievements that I have strove for in the past and overcome have made me the person who I am now.

One of my goals this year was to have more time to myself – which has happened, and at first seemed selfish, but I know now how vitally important it is to ones well being and peace of mind.  Having more time for me has allowed me to concentrate on what I truly want as a person and now opportunities are opening up and I feel I have returned to the person I was years ago.  The traveller. Who loved life and experiencing new things.  Something I want my daughter to experience too, a worldly person….

I’m closing the doors in many areas of my life and opening them in others, to suit me.  Being less available is how I am going forwards.

Running-wise I am back on the trails, just enjoying what I can do, when I can do it, no pressure, no stress.  Now I have more time I will be enjoying just a mile or two, or whatever time I can do it, it doesn’t matter.  Going to share some pix here of the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside when I remember to take some shots! We have been vlogging our countryside walks, which are here.. if anyone wants to take a sneak peek.  Been fun messing around with the camera.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the winter… xx



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