Spirit: Do you believe in ‘religion’

Warning an off-topic blog post… if you’re here for running updates then you might want to skip this post, as its fully loaded…

Religion.. are you a religious person? spiritual? Or do you find the idea of religion a form of outdated human suppression?

Appreciated, this is a strong question..

Personally, I am a mixture of all three.  However, sadly, I think that the true essence of religion (Christianity in particular) has been distorted through the ages and re-written to suit whoever was in power at that time.  The true meaning, tampered with and possibly misinterpreted, has been lost in history.  These are my personal beliefs rather than statements.

What are my beliefs? Well, I definitely believe that Jesus existed and was seen as hope for many repressed people, I also believe in a Universal energy and various laws within that (will do another off-subject blog about that another time), but I also have a dislike of many religious constraints (these are personal beliefs and I won’t list them here).

I have no ill will towards those who have or seek comfort in faith (no matter which religion they follow), in fact I admire those who do have faith in their religion and know many times where religion has ‘saved’ people and given them hope in their darkest times.  Being from a religious family, Easter was always celebrated and still remains something special in my heart of which I am thankful.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of travel documentaries and came across an amazing documentary about the Tibetan monks and I was lift totally in awe of their devotion.  Fascinated in their rituals and way of life, they truly are remarkable human beings who still practice now in the face of their ‘religion in exile’.

Buddhism is something that has always interested me, the epic Buddha statue, Tian Tan, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong is truly unforgettable.  I used to frequently visit it when I lived there… a beautiful, peaceful sight to behold.


Buddhism’s philosophical style messages resonate with me,  they make the most sense. It’s something that I reach out to when experiencing challenging times.  I’m being drawn back to it at the moment, feeling the need to absorb its teachings and learn, to quiet my mind with meditation.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha

As I am middle-aged now, I have seen ‘karma’ come back so many times, I know too that the ‘karma’ meaning has been very much ‘Westernised’  – see, adaptation, again!  But now I am going through a new chapter myself as you can tell from my previous blogs and I feel this learning too will benefit me so much and act as a great grounding for me.

It may or may not take me down a spiritual path, but I know for sure, it gives me hope.

Does religion interest you? Is spirituality nonsense?


5 thoughts on “Spirit: Do you believe in ‘religion’

  1. I don’t consider myself a religious person but having grown up in the US and France my “culture” is based on Christian ideals. It’s hard to separate your surrounding from your personal beliefs. Christmas, easter, Sundays off, a church in the center of the town…
    Anyway, today I am much more drawn to the tao te ching and read a passage or two most days…

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  2. This was an interesting read. I believe a lot of religion’s problems have to do with laziness. The Bible is a hard book to read so people often seek answers from fallible people. Next up is ego, the need to be right, followed by a good old fashioned dusting of righteous indignation…. and that’s just from the believers! Getting into the non-believers and their anger towards believers, well we could write a book about that.

    For me, I am absolutely a believer in God, but I don’t make a big deal about it until someone asks. Let’s just say I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in fox holes.

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