Step back in time…

Apologies if you now have an awful song in your head… but I have to share my latest training addition to my overall training plan for the Great Wall of China marathon.

I have a new training buddy… Cher!  That’s right… Cher has been dusted off and brought back to my living room for her 40 minute step aerobic routine back from the dark ages of the early 90’s.


Doing the routine on my new step this morning, I could remember the entire sequence near enough, the bits where Cher starts singing and joking, to where she goes quiet later in the routine (obviously knackered).  I religiously worked out to this ‘video’ back in the day, which was nearly every day for months on end – my legs were like Arnies.

Dad had made me an aerobic step out of wood and I used that, it worked perfectly well, and was still going strong when I left home in 1992, wonder what ever happened to it?

Keli Roberts is the step instructor in the video with Cher as one of the group, she is still in the fitness industry and I am sure I have a ten minute kickboxing boot-camp DVD of hers lurking in my drawer that I will have to dig out.

There are three levels you can workout to, those who want a low impact version (no step), intermediate (regular step & moves) and advanced (higher step, adding repulsion to some moves to make it more of a challenge) and I was impressed with how much I kept up with it… sweating like a pig by halfway I managed the intermediate level (like my pal Cher), but without the black lace, wig and ruffles which she adorns in the video.  Interestingly enough there is a heart rate check at midpoint in the video and I was bang on in the middle for my age range, so very pleased with that.

Its 40 minutes of fun, and the bad hair and outfits are just superb… I shall be doing this again and incorporate this as a regular feature of my training plan – those thousands of steps on the Great Wall are not going to be walked by themselves and the more I get my legs used to this exercise the less pain I am hoping to feel on the Wall.  May be a step warm up / run combo might be called for.

So a big thank you goes to Cher for turning back time this morning for me, wonder if she still does step herself? Or has it been relegated to the loft with her gold discs and Oscar statue.

Now… where’s that Jane Fonda DVD…



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