The events this week in London have been truly mortifying.  My thoughts and condolences go to the victims families… there’s no logical thought behind why someone would want to commit a crime like that.  Just seems a pointless waste of life… and another reminder to us all that life truly is too short to waste on not aiming for your dreams, to live every moment…

One of the Buddhism quotes I saw today gave me a kick in my big old butt…

‘Not everyone will understand your journey.  That’s okay.  You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand’. 

It reminded me of a conversation I had years ago, when I was asked if I felt that the 4 years I spent in Hong Kong were a waste of time… Seriously I was asked this… why on earth would anyone think that was a waste of time is beyond me. They couldn’t comprehend leaving the area in which we had been born and raised and experiencing something else, I do appreciate that it was completely different to even another European culture. 

They are happy in that ‘safe’ life, that’s cool for them, but I wasn’t, I needed to spread my wings and fly… I still feel that now, that urge.  I feel so totally lucky that I have a husband who likes to travel as much as I do,  its made me appreciate different cultures and made me into a very different person, independent and open-minded.  Always free-spirited.

Since deciding on running the Great Wall marathon, I’ve started to feel a bit like my old-self from 20 odd years ago.. the girl who packed a rucksack and left for another country half way around the world.  I’m returning to me it feels…. but with a 44 year old head on that body.


there’s life in the old dog yet….

Behind the scenes I am working away and creating – which makes me very happy too.  With goals set, I am a different person, nothing can hold me back right now.. that crazy, invincible feeling.. or just plain crazy who knows.  I’m in a very happy place though, this decision was 100% right, I’m super excited… Most of all I hope I can pass all this onto my daughter.. to teach her to break free of comfort zones and to experience everything she wants to …. by next year, 4 years old, she would’ve been to so many countries including the USA and China… what a lucky little girl!

Lastly what can we take from this week? Well for sure not being held back by fear, of other people, or nasty tongues wagging… there’s plenty of those out there.  Or even your own self-restricting set of beliefs, that can be even more damaging.  Charge ahead.  Always.

Live it…#peace



3 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. No logical thought behind what happened? There’s plenty. We just refuse to understand its nature or do anything about it once the politicians get a hold of it. There is a radical wing of a religion and they want to kill us or convert us to their perverse way of life. Rocket science this is not.


  2. My thoughts are with the victims families as well. Such a horrible act.
    I too can appreciate that feeling of needing to spread your wings and get out of the place you’ve always lived. Sometimes I am envious of people who have deep roots in a particular place but I wouldn’t change a thing I’ve done in my life.

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