With a little help from my friends…

Another lyric to start my blog off…

Apologies, I have been a little AWOL here lately apart from a few pix of mud-fest trail running.  But, my training is still going to plan, although I have taken a wee break (as in foot off the gas slightly) these past few weeks.  Man-flu scuppered me w/c 27th March and then a family trip to Edinburgh last week, but I actually feel better for listening to my body and taking the rest I needed – a lesson that took a long while to learn.

My runner friend in Edinburgh was nursing an injury too – so we just gossiped, drank wine and espresso martinis…. which was bliss.  My husband said we had done that for 8 hours of my Edinburgh trip (not in one sitting can I add) – ha ha… oh well…. that’s my last bit of booze for a while. GULP.

Note…it was another stark reminder that I need to get some acupuncture booked in and some better sleep to boost my immune system against the dreaded nursery bugs, a constant battle for me.

Fitness wise though, I have had a few gentle runs, STEP and cycling though to keep me ticking over, but with 13 months to go I need to get my serious game plan head on for China.

Running: Still ‘Jeffing’ – but I’ve started to run the first few miles, then ‘jeff’ the rest.  This I am enjoying although I know its not recommended by the great man… so my next run, possibly tomorrow or Weds will go back to the original Jeff plan.  I have noticed how much stronger I feel in the running segments and mentally strong and focussed with the Great Wall challenge.  I have entered the Run 1000 miles challenge in Trail Magazine too… I have a bit to catch up on, well, quite a lot to catch up on…some people are already into 250 miles plus for the year.  I have yet to hit 100 so have my work cut out.  BUT, nothing is impossible.

STEP:  This is still happening and I god-damn love it.  It leaves me in a total sweaty mess but my heart rate is still in the desired range for my age group – so I am happy with that.

Cycling:  Husband has ‘done-up’ some bikes and we went for a test drive a few weeks ago – it was beautiful sunshine all day, then the clouds burst over us on our half hour trip out.  Yesterday didn’t go to plan either as at 3.5 miles in the pedal fell off his bike.  So back to the garage for fixing!  However, it was a gorgeous day here yesterday and we all enjoyed it, hoping this pushes the hubster to finally put the cigarettes down again. ‘Nuff with the nagging.


  1. Arms: toning my ‘thigh’ arms, I have been advised by another runner friend that swimming is the best way to do this, so I am planning on another dip in the pool this week so that will be perfect.  Plus I have on order the elastic workout bands that offer resistance to tone and strengthen muscle.
  2. Workouts with FRIENDS: I have a hill repeats session booked in April with my friend Steve who runs marathons with a surfboard…. should be interesting.  I also have a training session in June with my pal Howard who runs running breaks in Morocco and the Lake District.  He is a fell runner and I think training with him will be such a good experience, I’ve told him to put me through my paces with no mercy… gulp.  I will also be swimming with my friend Charlotte when the lido opens in Cirencester next month…however there may be a few more cocktails involved with that… who knows… most likely though ha ha.

All in all, I am still very excited and I believe I have convinced a few other of my Twitter friends to come and run to China, one is a definite and two are ‘most likely’s’ – will be great to share this experience with other like-minded nutcases.

Hope all your training is going well, and you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine.




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