Reiki.. a runners retreat

I can’t harp on more about how beneficial Reiki is… new age nonsense I hear some say… but its not actually new age, its nearly 100 years old in its current form and I would say its a great relaxation tool to help balance out a busy lifestyle, training programme or just much important and needed ‘You Time’…

Developed by the Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usai, Reiki is a technique which uses ‘palm healing’ through which a universal energy is transferred through the hands of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

It works on the principles of clearing the life force of negativity.  This ‘life force’ runs through our bodies, and when negative thoughts or feelings attach themselves to this energy field it causes a disruption in the life force which can lead to other issues emotionally or physically.

Years ago I had a few sessions of Reiki, including one practitioner who laid crystals on me on my chakra points as ‘they were blocked’ – hello, is that negative transference?  Needless to say I didn’t go back…

More recently at a facial treatment where the lady unexpectedly incorporated Reiki into the whole treatment.  I mentioned to her afterwards that I felt ‘centred and balanced’ and she said she had performed it on me.  I knew it!  This got me thinking that Reiki would be great for me to use alongside my Great Wall of China training plan.. to chill me out and centre me.  It also will balance out the ‘terrible two’s’ my daughter is experiencing.  Oh and the lack of sleep her parents are getting too… ha ha

The Reiki session I had locally was just amazing – there were two Reiki practitioners performing on me for an hour and cost £35 in total.  One concentrated at feet level and the other on the top half.  At one point in the treatment I felt almost out of body and totally felt the warmth and cold sensations that some people have mentioned they experience.  Whether there is something in it or its a placebo, who knows… but it works for me ..and I am going back for more!



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