It begins! Annus horribilis… or bliss?

This Saturday, thousands of runners will be bracing themselves to take on the epic Great Wall of China marathon.. after months of dedicated training, sacrifice and pain they experience one of the hardest marathons known to man! That will be me in one years’ time! what the heck!

Thankfully my runner fam picked me up from a confidence wobble the other day, where I contemplated the half rather than full marathon, they all have the confidence in me to bring home the bacon on the day and get the full 26.2 in.

My reasoning being that I could train and do the best job of a half marathon as possible, rather than go the whole hog which just seems so daunting right now, the huge elevations, thousands of steps and heat – it just all sank into me what a massive, epic challenge this was BUT, do you know what… they’re right… why bother flying half the way around the world for a halfie… why not just do my best at the full.. even if I am the last one over the line, I would’ve still completed the damn thing like everyone else.

Its time now to face my fears and really throw down the gauntlet.  Been speaking to some running coaches about training and getting my plan in place (I’ll share that here next week).  Also consulted the lovely Nicola who will taking on the ‘experience’ too, to pick her brains about the best nutrition and training plan.  Feeling much more positive now! I was honestly quite happy to do the halfie and hold the drinks and canapés for Nic when she finished the full… no chance now.

Even bought these… note the fake tan is to stop blinding people with my milk bottle legs ..I may sneak out the house while no-one else is up… not worn shorts since 2003!


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