Training for China

Oct 17, 2017

Blimey, I haven’t been here for ages… but, I have been busy, very busy with training for the Great Wall of China marathon 2018! Its still on track, I’m still on track so what have I been up to?

While flagging a bit with my own motivation a couple of months ago I decided to enlist a coach, Miles with Michelle, who has come up with a fabulous plan to keep me accountable.  There are different levels of support Michelle can offer, so please check her website out to find out more details.

My training plan itself incorporates plenty of steps, strength training, LSR’s and time trials each week to keep me on course for taking on this epic challenge.  I’d highly recommend Michelle to any runner, at any ability, who wants to improve on their performance.

For me personally I thought it wise to invest in getting the knowledge and advice of someone who knows what they are talking about to keep me focussed and concentrating on the right level of training.  Eight weeks down the line and I can see its really paying off, I’m much stronger all round and my mind-set has shifted.

As for the Wall itself I am planning on ‘Jeffing‘ it and the plan has been tailored to that style of training, plus it can be tweaked as we go along.   Two hour Jeff runs no longer fill me with dread, I can’t wait to get out the door and have that time to myself.

To say excited is an understatement, I can’t bloody wait!  The opportunity to take my daughter to China too is a dream come true. I feel so grateful for that, a place that was once my home.

205 days and counting!

I’ll drop in here to update when I can to update, but more so to keep a log of my training for this once in a lifetime event for myself to look back on.

Hope everyone else is doing well. 🙂




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