Strengthening up…

I’ve started back with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, although not doing it every day like I did in April but just adding in one or two sessions per week to accompany my running training and Oh my god the DOMS!  How could I forget those so soon?

As I hobbled back from London yesterday, I forgot how this workout can make you end up walking like Yosemite Sam.


Yosemite Sam….

I have really noticed the lack of strength in my core since we completed the 30 day plank challenge in the VRF group in May.  This really does impact my running, my posture isn’t great when I am not strength training, plus it helps greatly when carrying my daughter, now she is getting heavier!

Since I hurt my back last week I have been reading up on the benefits of strength training for runners,  not only does it prevent injury, but it improves stability and balance too. Poor posture too slows down runners, so this is another thing to keep in mind if you want to ‘go faster’.  So I will be mindful to keep this up!

We are doing a summer strength event in VRF’s in which different runners upload their strength training each week, so far we have had kettlebells, PT sessions, AB challenges and rowing.   Its been interesting to see how others train to keep strong!  If this is one way to keep back pain away then I am definitely continuing with it.

On another note, I ran the Bath Two Tunnels 10k last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I vlogged a review below  if you’re interested in watching.  The event is very well organised and the tunnels are so amazing to run through!  They were the perfect temperature for a very humid sticky day.

Hope you are all enjoying your week, I will be heading out for a run today in the beautiful sunshine! BBxx