NEW BLOG POST: Splash the £cash?

Is it worth it?  I was wondering to myself as I picked up a £150.00 running jacket in a specialist running shop in Bristol.  I should never have ventured in really, but after a soaking in the rain the other day while out running I thought I would check the options.  Well there weren’t many in this particular shop, it was all high-end gear, the jacket in itself was nothing short of AMAZING.

kamleikaracejacketw_01 (1)

Its hood, had a lip on the front to protect against rain and the gushing sales assistant was doing his very best job to flog me it.  However I wasn’t swayed.  As much as I love running (well love/hate running) I can’t justify that sort of expense, especially when there are nursery fees to pay and everything else falling through the door. However, it was a beauty to behold, but is it REALLY worth it or a complete rip-off?

This jacket would keep me bone dry, however could ‘overheat’ me as advised by sales assistant, and the other jacket options were £60 approx, however could only keep me dry for ‘so long’.  So was buying any of these jackets worth it, why not just stick to my other running jackets (Karrimor faithfuls) which get wet in the rain, but they don’t overheat me?  Hmmm….

I don’t think I believe in buying ‘the very best’ of sports clothing anymore… I used to spend a fortune, Sweaty Betty blah blah.. but I’ve found the H&M Sports clothing and Aldi Sports clothing to be perfectly fine for my needs (thanks Kirsten for this recommendation).  I am not some elite athlete that requires the top brands, but these suit me perfectly well ad I don’t feel the running community are snobby in terms of gear.

This brings me to a dilemma though, I am aiming to buy some new running trainers in the January Sales.  What do I go for?  A cheaper brand than my Asics pair that I’ve had for 15 months, which I actually bought because they were all black  (yes colour swayed me)…or back to Asics… or beyond with these sexy beasts Nike’s Flyknit.  Ummmm.. .as its my feet and the most important part of my kit maybe I should splash the cash, however are the cheaper brands just as good?


What would you do?

Will upload my new trainers here when I get ’em… can’t wait! BBxx