Cotswolds snippet: Spook-tacular haunting Walks!

I picked up a ‘Haunted Cotswolds’ book the other week – thought it would be fun in the Autumn/Winter months to go to supposedly local haunted locations and have a roast dinner with the family! Will report back on how we get on and upload some pix, I do not expect to see or hear anything spook-tacular but will be fun to seek out new places!  My friends and I visited my local haunted inn, The Kings Head on Friday.  This gorgeous 16th Century coaching inn has had its fair share of haunting activities, occupants have reported terrified wailing and a monk apparition and staff have seen a cavalier! We unfortunately didn’t see anything apart from the remains of a cool Roman floor which can be seen near the entrance.

While browsing for other local things to do I picked up a Pathfinder Cotswolds ‘Walks’ book, it contains 28 walks of varyig abilities covering the entire Cotswolds.   I plan on running some of these walks over the winter – as I am picking up a car in the New Year so will be able to expand my horizons (locally at least), logic was that now I have my trail shoes I might as well buy a car!  However with the family this weekend we are going to try out the first of our walks which is the Castle Combe 2 hour stroll.   Its only 4 miles, which they describe as a ‘leisurely half day walk‘ with ‘pleasant moderate exercise‘.  With my daughter wanting to walk more now rather than be in her stroller we may be a lot longer, but no doubts it will be fun whatever!  I may be back to run this route… watch this space. BB x

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