Running at Disney!

Well hello you fabulous lot!  Its been a while since I blogged – that’s because I have been soaking up the sun and getting some serious Disney miles stacked up, 80 miles!  over the past few weeks at Walt Disney World, Florida.  Not all of that was running, actually a very small percentage was running.  But I walked, and walked, and walked… for many, many miles around the parks and the whole Disney ‘area’ which is quoted as being the size of Manchester!

We left the UK while it was still mild, not really cold, but not really warm…and were then drenched in lovely sunshine when we got to Florida (the trip there was nasty via New York, which ended with me in tears on a bus, another story, another blog, another time).

We checked into the All Star Movies resort, one of Disney’s value resorts, which is located in the ‘Animal Kingdom’ area, first time we’ve stayed on site at WDW so to speak and it was utterly fabulous!  After a few days of getting used to the time difference, I tentatively went out for a short plod on their marked running trail which was a pathway running across the front of the 3 All Stars resorts which was a mile in length – it was a good chance to wear my running skort, probably for the last time for a while!  The route was heavily used by other runners which was great to see and in the absence of a gym in the hotel I guess this is how visitors got their workouts in each morning. Did the mandatory nods and thumbs up to the other runners, quite surprisingly with not much pleasantries in return…. All in all, I had three plods out over the two week period, I didn’t go far as I knew we’d have a mountain of miles to walk in the day, plus swimming too… just helped to fight back some of the Mickey waffle damage I was enduring!

The picture above includes a shot of shoes in a brilliant running store in Disney Springs, Fit2Run.  They have a brilliant collection of running items, including strollers, accessories,  supplements and more.  They had a Star Wars tech top – which I shockingly didn’t buy… may be next time.  I did purchase (or my husband did for me) a strap to hold my iPhone (my Garmin GPS is a bloody fail at locating me which is so frustrating).  I tried it on in the shop and it fit great!  Will report back after my first post-hols run this weekend, decided to start running with audio again – well Podcasts to keep me motivated as I am upping the mileage to train for the Bath Half HM.


So now we enter PDD (post Disney depression), but and with a big BUT, Disney have just released their races for next year including Spring 2018 with a Star Wars dark side race… this is very, very tempting, and the husband DID agree to leave it a couple of years till our next Disney visit (it is 2 years really, in terms of numbers….).  lets see!


In terms of other training, I have my swimming kit packed, plus have been doing Pilates and strength training this week, hello DOMS!  So lets see how I fare over the winter with training – I am in a much happier place, with the family healthier and a sense of renewal for the new year, I’m in good spirits…

Here’s a shot of the non-tech Star Wars top, I had to get this as it had 77 on the back… I’m an old Star Wars fan…. 🙂


Do you listen to any podcasts while running?  Any recommendations?






Trail Raider #1 Cirencester Park

My first trip out testing the Go Pro and the other equipment/apps the week before was a bit of a #fail due to not wearing my glasses! Hey ho, so my first official Trail Raider post is here! With mixed results!  Still not as detailed as I want.. but this is all about trial and error, or should I say trail and error.

I feel the ViewRanger app is something that I am going to have to get used to, as you can see I came off the route a few times and in the end decided just to try and work myself back to base – I ended up in places that weren’t near the lined route at all!  Whoops…

I don’t find it incredibly user friendly if I am honest, however I am simply not used to this type of app at the moment and my directional sense isn’t the greatest.  Gav had to show me how to use it (well, he had to show me a few times how to use it!) but I am going to go back Saturday and try it again.  I completed 5.4 miles of trail last Saturday and looking forward to going back for more this weekend.

We have downloaded some routes already for the Cotswolds and I plan on jumping in my car and taking myself off over the Autumn/Winter to do a proper review of the trails.  But need to nail this app before I do so.  So will take it back to Cirencester park to complete the 14kms route.  If you use or try out the ViewRanger app please do let me know, we may be able to share some tips.  eskt83831

In the afternoon we went for a stroll in a forest near Sezincote House, the 2 mile walk turned into a very long walk and by the end of the day I had walked a half marathon… that wasn’t the exhausting bit… this was… a truly horrid find in the nearby woods.  Stay safe on the trails all, you don’t know what nutters are about.


Happy trails…. BBx

Roman holiday…

Recently some friends and I visited Rome, a city that I have never been to before (in fact I’ve only been to Italy once before, a few years back on a wonderful holiday with Gav to Lake Garda).  Determined not to take my running kit, I decided that I was going to pack the miles in with walking and boy did we walk! and talk! and DRINK! well, you know me!

Rome is a fabulous city to explore, the tourist spots are not that well signed and its possible to walk for ages just finding the tourist hot-spots!  This is the perfect place to get your step count up.  I was so glad that I decided not to take my running stuff, my friends aren’t runners and we were up at 7am on the days we were there so that we could fit in everything we needed to do.  I couldn’t hat fit it all in and I was glad, I love walking, I wanted to enjoy it without stressing about running.  I am not training for anything for a while so happy with just running to my plan which I detailed here.

The first day we visited the Vatican and many other tourist spots on the far side of Rome (and an assload of walking from our apartment right on the other side of the city) and the total step count for the day was a whopping 31,754 steps! Crikey!

The next day we took it a bit easier with 26,538 steps, the Colosseum was nearer the apartment !  My feet felt fine, (thank you Converse) but my friends in their flip flops didn’t fare as well.  We covered nearly the marathon distance in those two days, 25.5 miles in total. Happy with that!

I thoroughly recommend this superb city for a walking weekend, in fact we saw groups of cyclists on a city tour – what a cool way to explore a city!

Below are some pix…. Big thumbs up for Rome.. I’ll be back again with my walking shoes….and possibly my running kit….BBx




Cotswolds snippet: Spook-tacular haunting Walks!

I picked up a ‘Haunted Cotswolds’ book the other week – thought it would be fun in the Autumn/Winter months to go to supposedly local haunted locations and have a roast dinner with the family! Will report back on how we get on and upload some pix, I do not expect to see or hear anything spook-tacular but will be fun to seek out new places!  My friends and I visited my local haunted inn, The Kings Head on Friday.  This gorgeous 16th Century coaching inn has had its fair share of haunting activities, occupants have reported terrified wailing and a monk apparition and staff have seen a cavalier! We unfortunately didn’t see anything apart from the remains of a cool Roman floor which can be seen near the entrance.

While browsing for other local things to do I picked up a Pathfinder Cotswolds ‘Walks’ book, it contains 28 walks of varyig abilities covering the entire Cotswolds.   I plan on running some of these walks over the winter – as I am picking up a car in the New Year so will be able to expand my horizons (locally at least), logic was that now I have my trail shoes I might as well buy a car!  However with the family this weekend we are going to try out the first of our walks which is the Castle Combe 2 hour stroll.   Its only 4 miles, which they describe as a ‘leisurely half day walk‘ with ‘pleasant moderate exercise‘.  With my daughter wanting to walk more now rather than be in her stroller we may be a lot longer, but no doubts it will be fun whatever!  I may be back to run this route… watch this space. BB x

IMG_0003 IMG_0002 IMG_0001