Race considerations

I asked some of my runner friends what they consider before booking a race, here are their helpful tips before you commit!  I will aim to cover topics on upcoming posts.

  • Length/Distance of racehave I trained enough for the distance? 
  • Date/time of raceI’ve booked a Spring half marathon, will I be able to train through the winter? Have I left enough time to get to a 9am start time in Bath?
  • What other races am I committed to? – Can I run a full marathon only 4 weeks after a Half?
  • Accommodation near the event – What’s the best for budget and locality to event?
  • Elevations In the route – Am I prepared for the hills on this route!
  • What do I need to take with me – Have I packed all the essential items, what can I ditch?
  • Nutrition/hydration before the event – Have I carb loaded prior to the race and drunk enough water?  Whats too much?
  • Training plans – Where can I find training plans for my upcoming races. 
  • AftercareFoam roller hell? Sports Massage?
  • Cost of event – Whats my budget and is it worth spending the extra on ‘special’ races?
  • Travel issues/ train strikes – Commuting hell! 
  • Local events to support – Do I want to support local events or travel around the country/Europe or more!
  • Trails/hills running – Is trail running more interesting or stick to pavement pounding
  • Can I commit? Can someone look after the kids? Dog? Partner? Shift work an issue or taking leave for the event?  Can I take the time to train properly.